Diamond Burs

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Diamond Burs

What is diamond burs?
Diamond burs are an important tool for restoring the teeth and they are made of diamond particles. These particles adhere on the burs with certain angle on the basis of direction and distance around the ax. So the diamond burs has the ability to cut the hard tissue. Diamond burs are indispensable in the dental clinical work.
How to classify burs in terms of their appearances
A. ball、B.flat end cylinder、C.flat and straight、D.round end cylinder、E.flat and inverted cone、F.pointed cylinder、G.wheel、H.torpedo、I.pear, J.inverted cone K.double inverted cone、L.knife edge、M.xmas tree、N.needle、O.flame、P. football、Q.egg shape、R.flame and cylinder、 S.short shank diamond points、T. paralleled-wheel、U.inverted cone.
How to classify burs in terms of the size of the diamond particles?
Different color at the connection of the working part and the shank shows the size of the diamond particles(on the basis of ISO color standard). Take JINME diamond burs as exemples:
A: Green color is for quite thick burs(125-150μm)
B. Blue color is for thick burs (106-125μm)
C.Red color is for thin burs (53-63μm)
D.Yellow color is for the quite thin burs(20-30μm)

How to classify diamonds burs in terms of their functions?
A.burs for rough wear. The thick-particle burs (>150μm) is used for mass operation.
B. burs for fine wear. Burs(<40μm)is used for wearing and polishing surface of the prepared tooth.
C.short shank diamonds For the opening of a smaller, particularly in the areas of the molar teeth preparation or fat pad in patients with abnormal hypertrophy of the molar teeth preparation area.
D long shank diamond points. For clinical crown longer gingival 1 / 3 prepared tooth area.
E.Shoulder burs. Such burs only in its design at the top end of
Dianmond particles for dressing the prepared tooth neck margin shoulder
F.diamond burs with slender instrument and long,narrow neck Guarantee better exposure operation vision, dental prepared accurately to the deep dentin transition, ensure minimum damage to the teeth.

How to choose the diamond burs?
As irregular shape of tooth structure and each part of teeth and the hardness of different tissue structure, according to the needs of repairing, choosing the appropriate burs very important. burs selected are not easy to deform and have high stability and anti-fracture capacity, without folding or cutting-edge from collapsing particle, rotating in concentricity, and cutting strength should be appropriate (30 ~ 60 g), progressively and efficiently to cut dental tissue.
In use, as far as possible under different circumstances dentists should the appropriate burs. Some dentists may find trouble of the frequent replacement of burs, but it is for improving the efficiency of your work or for the protection of the purpose of the handpieces, we should propose a reasonable choice of burs. In particular, the particle size should strictly distinguish: the coarse particles are for intensive burs to prepare the tooth surface and smoothness certainly is the contrary, fine particles having the cutting poor edge, used to remove most dental tissue Like a fruit knife cutting the bone, which is very time-consuming, laborious, and also damage the air turbine handpieces! !

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