Use the correct scaler tips

Date:2021-07-09 Categories:FAQ Hits:125 From:SASA Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd

The use of ultrasonic dental scaler (UDS) tips has been investigated for cleaning ceramic membranes fouled when filtering cactus juice. Thin and long tips having a larger coverage exhibited the best performance for removing the cake layer deposited on the membrane surface. Such tips cleaned an area equivalent to almost one third of total area of the membrane surface. However, the cleaned area could be increased notoriously if the membrane were placed in rotatory disc holder. The resistance-in series model and atomic force microscopy (AFM) technique helped to reveal the effect of the UDS tips as cleaning process of ceramic membranes. The reversible resistances estimated for UDS tips were 58% and 17% lower than the ones obtained by chemical cleaning at transmembrane pressures of 0.3 bar and 0.5 bar, respectively. This was corroborated by microscope images, which showed the detachment of cake layer of the membrane surface. Results of this work showed that UDS tips are an innovative option as cleaning strategy for filtration membranes.

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