1set Low Speed Handpiece +2pcs High Speed Handpiece Dental Handpiece Set in Metal Box

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1set Low Speed Handpiece +2pcs High Speed Handpiece Dental Handpiece Set in Metal Box


external water course,latch type,can use polisher,burs,dental lab disc,reamer,sefl-lubricanted function of air motor,4 holes and 2 holes optional


Air pressure


Water pressure


Ratation speed


Chuck Type

Latch Type

Bur size




Forward rotation speed


Reversal rotation speed




Water flow




dental low speed air motor handpiece kit contain with one air motor, one contra angel and one straight head.

It can be compatible with NSK EX-203C.

dental low speed handpiece kit make by precise technology, durable long life, no vibration while revolving, offering a smooth operation, it equipped with E-type connector, compatible with any E-type handpieces accords with ISO standard, it’s wrench chuck, more durable and economy for your clinic.

All the parts of  dental low speed handpiece kit can be both steam and chemical autocalve up to 135°C, to avoid cross-infection, ensure the hygiene and healthy treatment to the patient and dentist.


Air motor

- Supply air pressure: 245-392KPa (2.5-4kgf/CM2)
- 1:1 Direct Drive
- Midwest 4 holes and Borden 2holes
- Max speed 20,000 min-1

Contar angel handpiece

- Low Speed 22,000-27,000 rpm.
- The shank of the instrument mounted therein is 2.35 mm
- Fastening of the instruments with a turning latch
- Autoclavable 135°C
- Compatible with E-type motors


Straight head

- Working pressure: 0.3MPa (4-hole);
- 0.25MPa (2-hole) (Measure meter is installed at the end of air motor to measure the air pressure).
- Revolution: about 22000-27000r/min (adjustable between clockwise or anticlockwise)
- Noise: ≤68dB
- Air consumption: about 56L/min
- Ratio: 1:1
- Max speed of contra angle: 25000rpm/min.


1set Low Speed Handpiece +2pcs High Speed Handpiece Dental Handpiece Set in Metal Box dental handpiece japan  


- Ergonomic arabesque design, special spots vision, stereo perception, beautiful appearance

- wrench chuck,  more durable and economy for your clinic.

- Compatible with NSK EX-203C

- Ceramic ball bearing, longer lasting and free vibrication.

- Impellers have been done balanced by the Germany machine. Enhance the useful life of the handpiece

- Sterilization up to 135, avoid cross infection.

- Unique appearance design and fluent outline

- With best quality cartridge, easier to clean.

- Shoule be professionally used by dentists to diagnose, cure and operate on patients'teeth.

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