dental Low Speed led Handpiece Inner Water Spray Set

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dental Low Speed Fiber Optic led Handpiece Inner Water Spray Set


Inner water spray handpiece features: 


1. low speed Internal Water Spray Low Speed Handpiece (Complete set)


2. Inner water spray Pipe 


Straight handpiece Model: (internal spray nozzle, be applicable to KAVO E-TYPE motor)


Contra-angle Model: (Push button type, internal spray nozzle, be applicable to KAVO E-TYPE motor)


Air motor Model:  ( internal spray nozzle , be applicable to KAVO contra-angle and straight handpiece) 


Inner water spray handpiece technical spicifications:



E-type Low Speed Handpiece 1:1 Ratio

with Internal Cooling System

Air Pressure245-392Kpa(2.5-4.0 kgf/cm²)
Water Pressure 200Kpa (2kg)
Rotation Speed14,000-20,000 rpm
Chuck TypePush Button Type
Bur ApplicableΦ2.334-2.355mm


Inner water spray handpiece packing list: 

1. Push button contra angle *1

2. One air motor 4 holes*1

3. One straight handpiece*1

4 Spanner*

5 Rubber O-ring *3

6 Cleaning needle*1

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